Best Protein Cheesecake!

Time for a delicious and super simple dessert recipe!  I mean, who doesn’t like cheesecake?…not me!  But seriously, it is really easy and tastes great! Best Protein Cheesecake Ingredients: 16 oz (two packages) of fat free cream cheese 8 oz … Continue reading

Skillet Pineapple Chicken & Rice

I’m all about these super simple and quick dinner recipes…!  Here’s another one for you: Skillet Pineapple Chicken & Rice Ingredients: 300g (about 4 tenders) chicken, baked and shredded 1 green pepper, chopped 1/2 tsp minced garlic 3/4 cup crushed … Continue reading

Kitchen Staples

These are just some of my favorite clean, whole foods that are great to have on hand in the kitchen: Protein: Lean ground turkey and/or chicken Chicken breast Salmon Tilapia Lean cuts of steak Canned tuna Greek yogurt (plain is … Continue reading