10 Unconventional Reasons to Exercise Regularly

Most people have it in their head that the only reason to exercise is to lose weight and get an awesome body.  While those are two very good reasons, there are SO many more that are just as good if … Continue reading

A Powerful, Yet Often Neglected, Ingredient for Healthly Living

“DRINK MORE WATER!” You probably hear this all the time…for good reason!  Water is vital for our bodies to perform properly.  I’m sure you’re aware that our bodies consist primarily of water – everything from our brain down to our … Continue reading

The Importance of Protein in Your Diet

I’m sure you’re well aware that bodybuilders and fitness advocates consume a lot of protein on a daily basis.  You see them chugging down their protein shakes, eating tons of chicken, tuna, and other lean, protein-packed meats.  Many of you … Continue reading

Calculating your Target Heart Rate Zones

There are 3 heart rate training zones.  Each zone has a different purpose as follows: Zone 1: builds aerobic base and helps in recovery (i.e. walking or jogging) Zone 2: increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance (i.e. group exercise classes or … Continue reading

Kitchen Staples

These are just some of my favorite clean, whole foods that are great to have on hand in the kitchen: Protein: Lean ground turkey and/or chicken Chicken breast Salmon Tilapia Lean cuts of steak Canned tuna Greek yogurt (plain is … Continue reading