10 Unconventional Reasons to Exercise Regularly

10 reasons to exerciseMost people have it in their head that the only reason to exercise is to lose weight and get an awesome body.  While those are two very good reasons, there are SO many more that are just as good if not BETTER!  If you are one of many who find that losing weight and/or getting a great body is just not motivating enough, check out the list below for more motivation.

10 Unconventional Reasons to Exercise Regularly


  1. Be HAPPY!
  2. Increase PRODUCTIVITY.
  3. Feel GOOD.
  5. IMPROVE your overall HEALTH.
  7. GAIN mental CLARITY/increase brain function.
  9. SLEEP better.
  10. Have FUN!

There you have it!

Now a challenge for you: the next time you workout, go back to this list and see which (if not all) of these apply to you. You may notice you don’t need your pick-me-up around 3pm because your energy is much higher than usual. You may find that you have better focus and you’re able get more done at work and at home. You may just feel better and happier overall and realize you haven’t been worrying about and giving unnecessary attention to the little things in life that often sneak into your thoughts. No matter what your outcome, I hope you have found some inspiration with this post.  Let me know your experience below! Until next time!

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